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Estes Wizard (12 Pack)
Estes Wizard (12 Pack)BeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Estes Wizard is an easy-to-build kit. it is des..
kr. 534.00
Estes Xarconian Cruiser
Estes Xarconian CruiserBeskrivelseSkill Level 4 Features: This rocket is capable of obtaining heig..
kr. 209.90
Estes Yankee
Estes YankeeBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 This All-American rocket obtains altitudes of up to 1400 feet..
kr. 80.40
Estes Yankee (12 pack)
Estes Yankee (12 pack)BeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Estes Yankee will reach altitudes of 1400 feet...
kr. 965.10
Estes Zinger
Estes ZingerBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X Features: The Zinger stands 15 inches tall. It can reach 5..
kr. 76.90
EX-200 RTF Model Rocket
EX-200 RTF Model RocketBeskrivelseSkill Level RTF Features: 12 inch Parachute Recovery Plastic mol..
kr. 83.90
FlisKits Cougar 660
FlisKits Cougar 660BeskrivelseSkill Level 3 Cougar 660! Even the name sounds FAST! And fast she i..
kr. 83.60
FlisKits Lil' Guy
FlisKits Lil' GuyBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Simple fin shapes for easier cutting! Perfect rocket to ..
kr. 77.70
FlisKits Over Drive
FlisKits Over DriveBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Featuring last cut fins, streamer recovery and mini mo..
kr. 59.70
FlisKits Thing-a-Ma-Jig
FlisKits Thing-a-Ma-JigBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The ultimate first rocket! Perfect for classrooms,..
kr. 89.70
FlisKits Thunderbird
FlisKits ThunderbirdBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 - 1:14 Sport Scale of the Famous British Anti-Aircraf..
kr. 157.10
L-13BeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Scientist, inventor, visionary. The 3 words that best describe Robert..
kr. 160.60
LibertyBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 The Liberty kit features a durable plastic nose cone, die-cut bals..
kr. 104.60
Lift Off Launch Pad
Lift Off Launch PadBeskrivelseThe Quest Lift Off Model Rocket Launch Pad features a 36 inch two-pi..
kr. 139.90
Lil Grunt
Lil GruntBeskrivelseSkill Level 3 Recommended Engines: D12-3, D12-5 (Engines Sold Separately) Sp..
kr. 174.90
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