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Estes Comet Chaser Rocket Kit
Estes Comet Chaser Rocket KitBeskrivelseFEATURES: Ready to fly up to 1150 feet high Simple to glue..
kr. 100.00
Estes Cosmic Interceptor
Estes Cosmic InterceptorBeskrivelseSkill Level 4 The Cosmic Interceptor is powered by D, E and E C..
kr. 342.90
Estes Crossfire ISX
Estes Crossfire ISXBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 - Crossfire ISX Length: 15.6 in. Diameter: .98 in. Es..
kr. 83.90
Estes Customizer Mini
Estes Customizer MiniBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X The Customizer Mini 12 Launch Set offers 12 varyin..
kr. 167.90
Estes D and E Engine Mount Kit
Estes D and E Engine Mount KitBeskrivelseHeavy duty engine mounts for "D" and "E" engines. Fits BT..
kr. 61.50
Estes D Region Tomahawk Starter Set
Estes D Region Tomahawk Starter SetBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The ESTES D-Region Tomahawk is a 1/5 s..
kr. 304.40
Estes Dark Energy
Estes Dark EnergyBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Features: 18 inch Parachute Recovery Laser cut balsa Fin..
kr. 139.90
Estes Der Red Max
Estes Der Red MaxBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The der Red Max was a popular Estes rocket of decades pa..
kr. 129.40
Estes Designer Special
Estes Designer SpecialBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Over 100 parts to build up to 8 rockets...
kr. 559.90
Estes Dink
Estes DinkBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X FEATURES: The Estes Dink is capable of achieving launches up ..
kr. 62.90
Estes E Launch Controller
Estes E Launch ControllerBeskrivelseUse this controller to launch "E" engine powered rockets. Come..
kr. 192.40
Estes Eggscalibur
Estes EggscaliburBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Includes adapters to launch with Estes B, C, D, or E mod..
kr. 167.90
Estes Eliminator
Estes EliminatorBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 This high-performance sporting rocket will launch to 1400..
kr. 229.50
Estes Executioner
Estes ExecutionerBeskrivelseSkill Level 3 Standing over 3 feet tall, this gigantic "E" powered mod..
kr. 304.40
Estes Fiesta
Estes FiestaBeskrivelseThis is a great beginners kit that allows for quick and easy assembly with ..
kr. 52.40
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