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Estes Hi-Flyer XL
Estes Hi-Flyer XLBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Estes Hi-Flier rocket launches to impressive heights..
kr. 139.90
Estes Hornet (Classic Series)
Estes Hornet (Classic Series)BeskrivelseThe Hornet is a Skill Level 1 kit, with simple to understa..
kr. 136.40
Estes Hyper Bat
Estes Hyper BatBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Features: The Hyper Bat is a 2-stage sport rocket which st..
kr. 114.00
Estes Jetliner
Estes JetlinerBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Estes Jetliner is powered by the A10-3T mini engine, a..
kr. 97.90
Estes Laser Lance
Estes Laser LanceBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Features: Recovery System: 12" Parachute Fin-Type: Laser..
kr. 129.40
Estes Manta II Launch Set
Estes Manta II Launch SetBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X This is the Manta II Flying Model Rocket Launc..
kr. 244.90
Estes Mini Comanche-3
Estes Mini Comanche-3BeskrivelseSkill Level 2 A down-sized replica of the ever popular Comanche-3,..
kr. 104.90
Estes Mini Honest John
Estes Mini Honest JohnBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Features: Fully assembled rocket Max Altitude: 325'..
kr. 83.90
Estes Mini Mosquito
Estes Mini MosquitoBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 A mini engine powered version of the 1335 Mega Mosquit..
kr. 41.90
Estes Mongoose 2-Stage
Estes Mongoose 2-StageBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Features: 18 inch Parachute Recovery Plastic molde..
kr. 111.90
Estes Quark
Estes QuarkBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Quark is an easy to assemble kit. Paint and apply decals and i..
kr. 46.10
Estes Rascal/Hijinks Launch Set
Estes Rascal/Hijinks Launch SetBeskrivelseSkill Level RTF Two Rockets Ready to Fly right out of th..
kr. 229.50
Estes Rocket Labs DVD
Estes Rocket Labs DVDBeskrivelseThe Estes Rocket Labs (ERL) lessons use a "3 Easy Steps!" format t..
kr. 69.90
Estes Saturn V
Estes Saturn VBeskrivelseSkill Level 4 Estes Saturn V is a limited edition of the famous rocket th..
kr. 559.90
Estes Solar Scouts
Estes Solar ScoutsBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X The Estes Solar Scouts Launch Set is an almost ready ..
kr. 229.50
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