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Estes STM-012
Estes STM-012BeskrivelseSkill Level 2 The STM-012 is powered by C11, D and E Engines. Estes model ..
kr. 146.90
Estes Stratocruiser
Estes StratocruiserBeskrivelseThis Skill Level 1 kit appears massive, but was designed with easy b..
kr. 122.40
Estes Super Alpha
Estes Super AlphaBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Features: 18 inch Parachute Recovery Laser cut balsa Fin..
kr. 115.40
Estes Super Neon
Estes Super NeonBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 The new Super Neon kit has been retrofitted with the late..
kr. 209.90
Estes Tandem-X
Estes Tandem-XBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Estes Tandem-X Launch Set consists of two model rockets..
kr. 229.50
Estes Taser Twin
Estes Taser TwinBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Features: Streamer Recovery Laser cut balsa Fins Watersli..
kr. 100.00
Estes Tercel Boost Glider
Estes Tercel Boost GliderBeskrivelseSkill Level 3 Features: Parachute Recovery of Booster Glider R..
kr. 118.90
Estes Three Bandits
Estes Three BanditsBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X These 3 mini engine powered rockets, are capable of ..
kr. 153.90
Estes US Army Patriot M-104
Estes US Army Patriot M-104BeskrivelseSkill Level 1 Kit This classic model rocket emulates the U...
kr. 127.40
Estes V2 Kit
Estes V2 KitBeskrivelseSkill Level 3 Standing 22.4 inches tall and when powered by an E9 engine, ..
kr. 174.90
Estes Vagabond
Estes VagabondBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Specifications: Length: 35.25 in. (89.5 cm) Diameter: 1.64 ..
kr. 152.50
Estes Variety Pack - Alpha, Viking, Generic (4 of each)
Estes Variety Pack - Alpha, Viking, Generic (4 of each)BeskrivelseEstes Variety Pack - Alpha, Viki..
kr. 601.90
Estes Viking
Estes VikingBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 This spectacular rocket is capable of 48 different fin config..
kr. 80.40
Estes Viking (12 Pack)
Estes Viking (12 Pack)BeskrivelseSkill Level 1 This is an impressive rocket which allows for 48 po..
kr. 458.40
Estes Wizard
Estes WizardBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 This high performance kit has die cut balsa fins and self-adh..
kr. 80.40
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