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2012 Shipwright
2012 ShipwrightBeskrivelseThe third edition of a new, full Colour annual focusing on all facets ..
kr. 450.00
Advanced Ship Modelling
Advanced Ship ModellingBeskrivelseBrian King. This book tackles advanced theory and practice for t..
kr. 239.25
Classic Sailing Ships Models
Classic Sailing Ships ModelsBeskrivelseR. Morton Nance. Loving tribute to the often beautiful sail..
kr. 269.25
Model Ships From Scratch
Model Ships From ScratchBeskrivelseScott Robertson. The author guides you on a journey through one..
kr. 224.25
Ship Modelling Solutions
Ship Modelling SolutionsBeskrivelseBrian King. This new book is a compliation of material original..
kr. 149.25
Small Radio Controlled Boats
Small Radio Controlled BoatsBeskrivelseGlynn Guest. This book details several different models, so..
kr. 134.25
Ten Simple Sailing Models
Ten Simple Sailing ModelsBeskrivelseFrank Wilson. A varied collection of designs to delight all wh..
kr. 89.25
The Arts Of The Sailor
The Arts Of The SailorBeskrivelseHervey Garrett Smith Knotting, Splicing & Ropework. Indispensable..
kr. 149.25
The Mississippi Steamboat Era
The Mississippi Steamboat EraBeskrivelseJoan.W.& Thomas.H.Gandy Natchez to New Orleans 1870-1920. ..
kr. 224.25
The New Period Ship Handbook
The New Period Ship HandbookBeskrivelseKeith Julier. A completely revised edition of the Period Sh..
kr. 224.25
The Period Ship Handbook 3
The Period Ship Handbook 3BeskrivelseKeith Julier. A detailed look at the making of ten new static..
kr. 224.25
The Rigging Of Ships
The Rigging Of ShipsBeskrivelseR.C. Anderson. In the days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600 - 1720. De..
kr. 179.85
The Ship Model Builders Handbook
The Ship Model Builders HandbookBeskrivelseTom Gorman. An illustrated A?? directory of the visible..
kr. 299.25
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