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AlbatrossBeskrivelseThe schooner Albatross was constructed in the Baltimore shipyards in 1840. It ..
kr. 1,192.50
AmericaBeskrivelseIn 1851 the Schooner America, from the New York Yacht Club, beat the fifteen bes..
kr. 1,567.50
CarmenBeskrivelseThe Spanish pailebote Carmen was built in 1850. With a capacity of 250 tonnes it ..
kr. 1,192.50
EnterpriseBeskrivelseBuilt Maryland, USA, 1799. Took part in siege of Tripoli in 1801. Colour N/A ..
kr. 2,619.00
FlyerBeskrivelseThis is a replica of one of the many schooners built in Baltimore to cover the tea..
kr. 1,059.75
HalifaxBeskrivelseBritish Schooner built 1768. Used in the burning of Falmouth, Maine, in 1776, du..
kr. 2,025.00
HMS Bounty' Boat Kit
HMS Bounty' Boat KitBeskrivelseMany models of this ship exist, but we have endeavoured to present ..
kr. 2,699.85
Le Camaret
Le CamaretBeskrivelseFrench lobster boat. Built at the turn of the century and still in use on the..
kr. 1,485.00
LouiseBeskrivelseThe Louise is a replica of a Victorian steam launch. At that time the steam launc..
kr. 1,269.00
The Mayflower Circa 1620
The Mayflower Circa 1620BeskrivelseA faithful plank on frame model of the vessel used by the Pilgr..
kr. 2,699.85
U.S.S. Constitution
U.S.S. ConstitutionBeskrivelseIn 1794 by authorising the construction of six warships, the Congres..
kr. 4,563.00
UnionBeskrivelseA Brigatine sailing ship of about 40m in Length , two masted and square rigged. Th..
kr. 1,059.75
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