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18th Century Balloon Klokker Plan
18th Century Balloon Klokker PlanBeskrivelseThe design of balloon Klokker reach a peak of perfecti..
kr. 211.50
2 Speed Scroll Saw Dsh
2 Speed Scroll Saw DshBeskrivelseSuper cutting capacity (wood 50mm, plastics 30mm, non-ferrous met..
kr. 2,977.50
2 Ton Crystal Clear Epoxy
2 Ton Crystal Clear EpoxyBeskrivelseBond strength: 2,500lbs psi. Sets in 30 mins. Waterproof. High..
kr. 83.85
2 x Cones
2 x ConesBeskrivelseRequired for inflatable boat Plan 1705P. Colour N/A Outside Diameter No Wall N..
kr. 33.00
2-Ton Crystal Clear Epoxy
2-Ton Crystal Clear EpoxyBeskrivelse2 x 14g tube Colour N/A Outside Diameter No Wall No Internal D..
kr. 70.50
2.0mm Tap
2.0mm TapBeskrivelseTap for use with Brass Gear Wheels EB1 etc. Size :- M2. Colour No Outside D..
kr. 116.70
3.00Mm Tap
3.00Mm TapBeskrivelse3.00Mm Tap Colour No Outside Diameter No Wall No Internal Diameter No Thickn..
kr. 77.70
350W Belt & Disc Sander Bds368
350W Belt & Disc Sander Bds368BeskrivelseThis belt and disc sander offers complete flexibility in ..
kr. 3,238.20
4 Inch Hot Knife Tool Only
4 Inch Hot Knife Tool OnlyBeskrivelseA combo hand held scroll saw and power drill that cuts foam w..
kr. 404.70
Acrylic Varnish - Satin (250ml)
Acrylic Varnish - Satin (250ml)BeskrivelseThe friendlier Finishes. the new safe,quick easy way to ..
kr. 82.80
Adhesive - Combi Metal Epoxy
Adhesive - Combi Metal EpoxyBeskrivelseBonds metal to metal and metal to plastics, wood, ceramics,..
kr. 88.65
Adhesive - Hard Plastics
Adhesive - Hard PlasticsBeskrivelseBonds Rigid PVC,ABS, acrylic, glass, and perspex, and most of t..
kr. 36.00
All White Plastic Wheel
All White Plastic WheelBeskrivelseSize: Dia. 45mm - tyre Width 11mm - bore 4.75mm. Price each. C..
kr. 4.50
Anorak Poppas
Anorak PoppasBeskrivelseMedium weight press stud kit, nickel finish. 15mm dia. Pack contains: 10 ..
kr. 83.25
Anorak Poppas 15Mm
Anorak Poppas 15MmBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outside Diameter N..
kr. 73.50
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