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Picturesque Klokker Plan
Picturesque Klokker PlanBeskrivelseA beautiful designed Wall Klokker. The gentle curves of the ca..
kr. 114.60
Pine Wall Klokker Plan
Pine Wall Klokker PlanBeskrivelseTo meet the desires of many modellers we have produced this simpl..
kr. 35.25
Plan - Chalet Dukkehus
Plan - Chalet DukkehusBeskrivelseThis attractive Chalet-type Doll's House has an opening roof and ..
kr. 35.25
Plan - Crooked House
Plan - Crooked HouseBeskrivelseApprox overall size: Length 650mm Width 3300mm Height 550mm. A ..
kr. 35.25
Plan - Doll's House Lighting
Plan - Doll's House LightingBeskrivelseTo help in lighting systems in doll's houses,garages etc. U..
kr. 24.00
Plan - Georgian Dukkehus
Plan - Georgian DukkehusBeskrivelseThe design by Gordon Warr fills a gap in our range and makes up..
kr. 35.25
Plan - Mock Tudor Dukkehus
Plan - Mock Tudor DukkehusBeskrivelseApprox overall size: Length 610mm x Width 340mm x Height 3..
kr. 35.25
Plan - Shoe House
Plan - Shoe HouseBeskrivelseApprox. overall size: Length 440mm x Width 270mm x Height 910mm. A..
kr. 35.25
Plan- Tudor Style Dukkehus
Plan- Tudor Style DukkehusBeskrivelseApprox. overall size: Height 560mm x depth 380mm x Width 68..
kr. 35.25
Plan-Fold-Away Dukkehus
Plan-Fold-Away DukkehusBeskrivelseWe think that this unique design,offered to us by a customer,wil..
kr. 35.25
Plan-Tea Pot House
Plan-Tea Pot HouseBeskrivelseApprox overall size: Length 610mm x Width 340mm x Height 370mm. A..
kr. 33.00
Plan-Tudor Dukkehus
Plan-Tudor DukkehusBeskrivelseThis Doll's House has an opening front ,hinged in two halves,and has..
kr. 35.25
Plastic Steel Filled Epoxy
Plastic Steel Filled EpoxyBeskrivelseBond strengh 2,500 lbs.psi. Sets in 2 Hours. Waterproof, high..
kr. 131.55
Plastic Wheels - Dia. 43mm
Plastic Wheels - Dia. 43mmBeskrivelseSize: Dia 43mm Tyre Width 11mm Hub Width 20mm Bore 4mm. Pe..
kr. 17.25
Plastic Wood - Teak
Plastic Wood - TeakBeskrivelseWaterproof for indoor and out. Can be worked as for wood. Accepts pa..
kr. 45.00
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