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Epoxy Super Strong
Epoxy Super StrongBeskrivelseFor most "hard" Materialer. Use Combi Standard, with it's slower sett..
kr. 68.70
Eyelet Pliers
Eyelet PliersBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outside Diameter N/A Wa..
kr. 35.25
Eyelet Pliers Light Duty
Eyelet Pliers Light DutyBeskrivelseComplete with 100 larger eyelets ? Size 5mm (inside dia.) Colou..
kr. 48.75
Finish Reviver
Finish ReviverBeskrivelseRestore the gloss and remove minor surface defects - even water & heat ma..
kr. 45.00
Fitting Set Swift
Fitting Set SwiftBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outside Diameter N/..
kr. 848.70
Fittings Kit - Spanish Villa
Fittings Kit - Spanish VillaBeskrivelseApprox overall size: 540mm wide x 410mm deep x(plus 180mm r..
kr. 393.75
Fittings Kit - Tudor Dukkehus
Fittings Kit - Tudor DukkehusBeskrivelseThis Doll's House has an opening front ,hinged in two halv..
kr. 440.25
Flex Strip Magnetic Tape
Flex Strip Magnetic TapeBeskrivelseSize :- 762mm x 12.5mm wide x 1.6mm thick. The magnet that is e..
kr. 21.60
Flexdot - Magnets
Flexdot - MagnetsBeskrivelseExcellent for lightweight applications such as visual aids, etc. Size..
kr. 24.60
Foam 2 Foam
Foam 2 FoamBeskrivelseTo speed up construction work with foam,Deluxe Materialer have developed a f..
kr. 82.50
Foam Buster
Foam BusterBeskrivelseA unique spray which permits foam safe cyano glues to instantly bond white, ..
kr. 97.50
Fold Flat Dust Mask
Fold Flat Dust MaskBeskrivelseProvides protection from dusts, aqueous mists, fibres and fumes up t..
kr. 104.25
Fold-Away Dukkehus Fittings Kit
Fold-Away Dukkehus Fittings KitBeskrivelseWe think that this unique design,offered to us by a cust..
kr. 369.00
Fray Stay
Fray StayBeskrivelseAn adhesive that inhibits the fraying of fabric. Apply sparingly to raw edge o..
kr. 76.50
French Antique Klokker Plan
French Antique Klokker PlanBeskrivelseApprox. size 125mm x 89mm x 160mm high. This beautiful repro..
kr. 35.25
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