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Hobby Case
Hobby CaseBeskrivelseStorage box with open out cantilever tray. 6 compartments. Overall size: 340m..
kr. 134.25
Hole Punch & Eyelet Plier
Hole Punch & Eyelet PlierBeskrivelseThis handy tool can be used as a conventional hole punch (6 si..
kr. 226.50
Hot Wire 3 in 1 Kit
Hot Wire 3 in 1 KitBeskrivelseIncludes the Sculpting Tool (with 6 wires), 4" Hot Knife, Engraving ..
kr. 1,199.25
Inflatable Boat Fittings Pack
Inflatable Boat Fittings PackBeskrivelseFittings Kit includes:;- * Balsa wood, * Cement, * Alumini..
kr. 281.25
Inflatable Boat Plan
Inflatable Boat PlanBeskrivelseA Fittings Kit is available 1705FK ,or individual items ,such as St..
kr. 33.75
Jeans Poppas - Buttons
Jeans Poppas - ButtonsBeskrivelsePack of 8 sets, nickel finish buttons, ideal for repairing works..
kr. 43.50
Jeans Poppas - Rivets
Jeans Poppas - RivetsBeskrivelsePack of 24 sets, nickel finish rivets for reinforcing fabric seam..
kr. 69.00
Jeans Poppas-Buttons
Jeans Poppas-ButtonsBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outside Diameter..
kr. 29.85
Jeans Poppas-Rivets
Jeans Poppas-RivetsBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outside Diameter ..
kr. 69.00
Klokker/Barometer Plan
Klokker/Barometer PlanBeskrivelsePeriod Klokker/Barometer Cases Plan. Also available Period Klokk..
kr. 187.50
Lamp Post Klokker Kit - Quartz
Lamp Post Klokker Kit - QuartzBeskrivelseWe think that this novel Klokker should appeal, and what ..
kr. 429.75
Lamppost Klokker Plan
Lamppost Klokker PlanBeskrivelseWe think that this novel Klokker should appeal,and what is more it..
kr. 35.25
Lancet Klokker Kit
Lancet Klokker KitBeskrivelseThis Klokker case has been designed around an oval dial quartz Klokke..
kr. 389.25
Lancet Klokker Plan
Lancet Klokker PlanBeskrivelseAlthough many Lancet Klokker were plain in appearance, this early 19..
kr. 211.50
Liquid Wax
Liquid WaxBeskrivelseNon - flammable, non-toxic emulsion with beeswax and camuba wax. Great to rep..
kr. 52.20
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