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Magnets - Mighty Button
Magnets - Mighty ButtonBeskrivelseExcellent for lightweight applications such as visual aids, etc...
kr. 24.60
Mantel Klokker Plan
Mantel Klokker PlanBeskrivelseBy Gordon Warr. This elegant Klokker has a curved front top and bott..
kr. 35.25
Mantle Klokker Kit
Mantle Klokker KitBeskrivelseThis well proportioned Mantle Klokker, fitted with a square dial quar..
kr. 398.25
Mantle Klokker Plan
Mantle Klokker PlanBeskrivelseThis well proportioned Mantle Klokker fitted with a square dial quar..
kr. 35.25
MayflowerBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour No Outside Diameter No Wall No ..
kr. 120.00
MBS 240/E Micro-Bandsaw
MBS 240/E Micro-BandsawBeskrivelseEnsures perfect cutting of steel, non-ferrous metals, wood and p..
kr. 3,734.85
Metal Line Ready Built Lathe
Metal Line Ready Built LatheBeskrivelseThe Unimat Metal Line ready to run lathe (raised with max s..
kr. 7,492.50
Metal Shine
Metal ShineBeskrivelseCleans and shines most metals, ideal for brass and chrome. Size :- 125ml. C..
kr. 47.10
Micro Router Mof
Micro Router MofBeskrivelseIdeal for slotting, rounding over, counter boring and stock removal in ..
kr. 1,297.50
Micro Shaper Mt 300
Micro Shaper Mt 300BeskrivelseUsed to profile, slot route, chamfer, trim and cut. Also used for pr..
kr. 2,819.40
Mini Bench Saw
Mini Bench SawBeskrivelseFor wood, plastic, epoxy, metal according to blade used. Ideal for delica..
kr. 1,347.00
Mini Grandfather Klokker Kit
Mini Grandfather Klokker KitBeskrivelseWe have received so many requests for this item,that we had..
kr. 306.75
Mini Grandfather Klokker Plan
Mini Grandfather Klokker PlanBeskrivelseWe have received so many requests for this item that we ha..
kr. 35.25
Mini Rotary Tool Kit
Mini Rotary Tool KitBeskrivelseIncludes collet rotary tool, (HD0500) single speed transformer (HD0..
kr. 997.50
Mini Wood Lathe Variable Speed
Mini Wood Lathe Variable SpeedBeskrivelseIdeal for use on a workbench, this lathe has variable spe..
kr. 3,076.50
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