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Miniature Soldering Iron
Miniature Soldering IronBeskrivelseMiniature Soldering Iron Colour N/A Outside Diameter No Wall N..
kr. 359.25
Mississippi Style Steam Boat Kit
Mississippi Style Steam Boat KitBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outs..
kr. 592.50
Mitre Fence For Styro Cut 3D
Mitre Fence For Styro Cut 3DBeskrivelseMitre fence for styro cut 3d. With graduated Scale 0 - 45 ..
kr. 150.00
Mixed Eyelets - 13/64
Mixed Eyelets - 13/64BeskrivelseContain steel closing punch and cutting die for cutting and closin..
kr. 94.50
Modern Klokker Plan
Modern Klokker PlanBeskrivelseMaking Klokker is now a very popular pastime and this Klokker is ver..
kr. 33.75
Multi Tool With Tilbehoer
Multi Tool With TilbehoerBeskrivelseFeatures: ??Electronic variable speed control ??Suitable for d..
kr. 522.75
Multicore Ersin
Multicore ErsinBeskrivelse? ??1.2mm. 40/60 tin-lead. Ideal for electrical and general purpose. Con..
kr. 56.25
Multicore Ersin - 5 Core Erson 399
Multicore Ersin - 5 Core Erson 399Beskrivelse5 core Ersin 399, ideal for electrical joints, silver..
kr. 69.00
Multicore Ersin-Extra Thin
Multicore Ersin-Extra ThinBeskrivelse5-core solder, 60/40 tin-lead. Extra thin, non corrosive. For..
kr. 66.00
Numerals & Digits
Numerals & DigitsBeskrivelseBrass numerals and digits for making the Modern Klokker 1577P. Colour ..
kr. 149.25
P/Studs-Wood/Material Kit
P/Studs-Wood/Material KitBeskrivelseContains ten sets, one button; one socket; one stud; brass nic..
kr. 233.25
Paddle Steamer Fittings Set
Paddle Steamer Fittings SetBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour No Outside Di..
kr. 678.75
Paddle Steamer Metal Fittings
Paddle Steamer Metal FittingsBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour No Outside ..
kr. 61.50
Paddle Steamer Plan
Paddle Steamer PlanBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour No Outside Diameter N..
kr. 42.00
Photo Mount
Photo MountBeskrivelseDeveloped for mounting photographs, it's safe, strong, clear and non- staini..
kr. 162.15
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