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2 Ton Crystal Clear Epoxy
2 Ton Crystal Clear EpoxyBeskrivelseBond strength: 2,500lbs psi. Sets in 30 mins. Waterproof. High..
kr. 83.85
2-Ton Crystal Clear Epoxy
2-Ton Crystal Clear EpoxyBeskrivelse2 x 14g tube Colour N/A Outside Diameter No Wall No Internal D..
kr. 70.50
Adhesive - Combi Metal Epoxy
Adhesive - Combi Metal EpoxyBeskrivelseBonds metal to metal and metal to plastics, wood, ceramics,..
kr. 88.65
Adhesive - Hard Plastics
Adhesive - Hard PlasticsBeskrivelseBonds Rigid PVC,ABS, acrylic, glass, and perspex, and most of t..
kr. 36.00
Araldite - Standard
Araldite - StandardBeskrivelseSuitable for use on Glass, China, Wood, Metal, Plastic and Crockery...
kr. 119.25
Araldite Rapid Epoxy Resin
Araldite Rapid Epoxy ResinBeskrivelseFast Setting. Suitable for use on wood, rubber, leather, por..
kr. 146.25
Balsa Cement
Balsa CementBeskrivelseDries fast and clear for sticking Balsa Wood,Ply,Obeche,Spruce etc. Also an..
kr. 52.35
Bison Balsa Cement
Bison Balsa CementBeskrivelseSuper strong,transparent adhesive film. Size:-25ml tube. Colour No O..
kr. 36.45
Detach Glue Remover
Detach Glue RemoverBeskrivelseHigh effective glue remover. Unique solution to accidental gluing. R..
kr. 59.85
DIY Gluesticks (All Purpose)
DIY Gluesticks (All Purpose)Beskrivelse11mm diameter, all purpose glue sticks for use with hot glu..
kr. 60.90
Diy Hot Glue Gun
Diy Hot Glue GunBeskrivelseThe Bostik DIY Hot Glue Gun features easy trigger action, retractable g..
kr. 406.80
Epoxy Rapid
Epoxy RapidBeskrivelseClear adhesive. Hardens very quickly. Bonds metals, ceramics, precious stone..
kr. 72.15
Epoxy Super Strong
Epoxy Super StrongBeskrivelseFor most "hard" Materialer. Use Combi Standard, with it's slower sett..
kr. 68.70
Foam 2 Foam
Foam 2 FoamBeskrivelseTo speed up construction work with foam,Deluxe Materialer have developed a f..
kr. 82.50
Foam Buster
Foam BusterBeskrivelseA unique spray which permits foam safe cyano glues to instantly bond white, ..
kr. 97.50
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