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Fray Stay
Fray StayBeskrivelseAn adhesive that inhibits the fraying of fabric. Apply sparingly to raw edge o..
kr. 76.50
Glass Bond
Glass BondBeskrivelseBonds glass to glass. Bonds glass to metal. Glass bond gives a clear bond lin..
kr. 71.85
Glue Buster
Glue BusterBeskrivelseDebonder and dissolver of super glue. Releases bonded skin. Stays on site fo..
kr. 78.75
Gorilla Tape Handy Role
Gorilla Tape Handy RoleBeskrivelseMade to stick to rough, uneven, unforgiving surfaces like wood, ..
kr. 41.85
Handy Glue Gun
Handy Glue GunBeskrivelseThe Bostik Handy Hot Glue Gun features easy trigger action, retractable g..
kr. 187.95
Handy Gluesticks(All Purpose)
Handy Gluesticks(All Purpose)Beskrivelse14 All Purpose Glue Sticks. 6mm diameter. Colour No Outsid..
kr. 49.65
Photo Mount
Photo MountBeskrivelseDeveloped for mounting photographs, it's safe, strong, clear and non- staini..
kr. 162.15
Plastic Steel Filled Epoxy
Plastic Steel Filled EpoxyBeskrivelseBond strengh 2,500 lbs.psi. Sets in 2 Hours. Waterproof, high..
kr. 131.55
Poly Cement-Medium
Poly Cement-MediumBeskrivelseFor hard polystyrene plastic model construction. Size: 12ml tube Col..
kr. 16.35
Polymite Powdered Resin Glue
Polymite Powdered Resin GlueBeskrivelseOne shot weatherproof exterior/interior adhesive. Specifica..
kr. 56.25
Roket Blaster - Accelerator
Roket Blaster - AcceleratorBeskrivelseActivator which permits Roket to bond difficult surfaces. 50..
kr. 87.75
Roket Blaster Top Up
Roket Blaster Top UpBeskrivelseBottle size: 250ml. For Rocket Blaster see part number DM53. Colou..
kr. 164.85
Roket Card Glue
Roket Card GlueBeskrivelseEasy to use viscosity adhesive enabling the rapid assembly of printed ca..
kr. 78.75
Roket Hot Cyano - 20Gg
Roket Hot Cyano - 20GgBeskrivelseFast setting cyano adhesive suitable for use with many Materialer..
kr. 69.00
Roket Plastic Glue
Roket Plastic GlueBeskrivelseWith fine point applicator. Roket Plastic Glue is a safe, non-toxic, ..
kr. 82.50
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