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Assorted Springs
Assorted SpringsBeskrivelsePack contains an assortment of compression, expansion and torsion spri..
kr. 57.75
Brute Bar Small - Magnets
Brute Bar Small - MagnetsBeskrivelseDesigned for applications where a long thin and powerful magne..
kr. 24.60
Flex Strip Magnetic Tape
Flex Strip Magnetic TapeBeskrivelseSize :- 762mm x 12.5mm wide x 1.6mm thick. The magnet that is e..
kr. 21.60
Flexdot - Magnets
Flexdot - MagnetsBeskrivelseExcellent for lightweight applications such as visual aids, etc. Size..
kr. 24.60
Magnets - Mighty Button
Magnets - Mighty ButtonBeskrivelseExcellent for lightweight applications such as visual aids, etc...
kr. 24.60
Powerful Button Magnet
Powerful Button MagnetBeskrivelse3-4 times more powerful than a similar size standard magnet. They..
kr. 48.75
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