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Spare Wire for Styro Cut 3D
Spare Wire for Styro Cut 3DBeskrivelseSpare wire for Styrocut 3D. Contents: ??1m x 0.5mm ??1m x 1...
kr. 30.00
Speed Hobby Bench Drill
Speed Hobby Bench DrillBeskrivelseFive speed bench drill complete with 13mm capacity chuck ideally..
kr. 1,715.55
Straight Cutting Guide
Straight Cutting GuideBeskrivelseDepending on the operation to be carried out, this stop is insert..
kr. 288.00
Super Rotary Tool Kit
Super Rotary Tool KitBeskrivelseIncludes: ??R1010 high precision rotary tool, ??X82012 variable sp..
kr. 1,059.75
Table Saw Fks E
Table Saw Fks EBeskrivelseThe ideal machine for straight, mitre and compound cuts. Usable on all w..
kr. 5,812.50
Unimat CoolTool Basic
Unimat CoolTool BasicBeskrivelseYour next chess set will be made entirely on your own! With the Un..
kr. 2,535.00
Unimat CoolTool Classic Set
Unimat CoolTool Classic SetBeskrivelseFor model-making professionals and technicians who wish to p..
kr. 4,485.00
Unimat Metal Line Kit
Unimat Metal Line KitBeskrivelseThe Unimat Metal line kit consists of all Verktoy and modules requ..
kr. 7,725.00
Vari. Speed Rotary Tool
Vari. Speed Rotary ToolBeskrivelse* With electronic speed control. * Keyless chuck with lapped jaw..
kr. 651.75
Variable Speed Drill Kit
Variable Speed Drill KitBeskrivelseIncludes: ??MB150 high torque rotary tool, ??MX82012 variable s..
kr. 844.80
Variable Speed Fretsaw
Variable Speed FretsawBeskrivelseAluminiumt able with parallel action arm design which allows quic..
kr. 2,707.50
Variable Speed Rotary Kit
Variable Speed Rotary KitBeskrivelseRotary kit, including a high torque rotary tool (HD0600), a hi..
kr. 1,649.25
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