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2 Speed Scroll Saw Dsh
2 Speed Scroll Saw DshBeskrivelseSuper cutting capacity (wood 50mm, plastics 30mm, non-ferrous met..
kr. 2,977.50
350W Belt & Disc Sander Bds368
350W Belt & Disc Sander Bds368BeskrivelseThis belt and disc sander offers complete flexibility in ..
kr. 3,238.20
Bench Circular Saw Ks 230
Bench Circular Saw Ks 230BeskrivelseThe 58mm diameter Super Cut blade cuts soft woods up to 8mm, p..
kr. 1,642.50
Bench Drill Machine Tbm 220
Bench Drill Machine Tbm 220BeskrivelseMachined worktop of high quality, ribbed diecast aluminium (..
kr. 2,744.25
MBS 240/E Micro-Bandsaw
MBS 240/E Micro-BandsawBeskrivelseEnsures perfect cutting of steel, non-ferrous metals, wood and p..
kr. 3,734.85
Micro Router Mof
Micro Router MofBeskrivelseIdeal for slotting, rounding over, counter boring and stock removal in ..
kr. 1,297.50
Micro Shaper Mt 300
Micro Shaper Mt 300BeskrivelseUsed to profile, slot route, chamfer, trim and cut. Also used for pr..
kr. 2,819.40
Mini Wood Lathe Variable Speed
Mini Wood Lathe Variable SpeedBeskrivelseIdeal for use on a workbench, this lathe has variable spe..
kr. 3,076.50
Single Speed Fretsaw
Single Speed FretsawBeskrivelseSteel base and table with parallel action arm design which allows q..
kr. 2,230.20
Speed Hobby Bench Drill
Speed Hobby Bench DrillBeskrivelseFive speed bench drill complete with 13mm capacity chuck ideally..
kr. 1,715.55
Table Saw Fks E
Table Saw Fks EBeskrivelseThe ideal machine for straight, mitre and compound cuts. Usable on all w..
kr. 5,812.50
Variable Speed Fretsaw
Variable Speed FretsawBeskrivelseAluminiumt able with parallel action arm design which allows quic..
kr. 2,707.50
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