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18th Century Balloon Klokker Plan
18th Century Balloon Klokker PlanBeskrivelseThe design of balloon Klokker reach a peak of perfecti..
kr. 211.50
2 x Cones
2 x ConesBeskrivelseRequired for inflatable boat Plan 1705P. Colour N/A Outside Diameter No Wall N..
kr. 33.00
Aristocrat Doll's House Fittings Kit
Aristocrat Doll's House Fittings KitBeskrivelseAs it's name implies, this is the real aristocrat o..
kr. 306.75
Aristocrat Doll's House Plan
Aristocrat Doll's House PlanBeskrivelseAs it's name implies, this is the real aristocrat of dollsh..
kr. 35.25
Bedford Bracket Klokker Plan
Bedford Bracket Klokker PlanBeskrivelseThis charming Klokker is a smaller version of 18th century ..
kr. 114.60
BountyBeskrivelseAll plans are full Scale drawings and they include detailed instructions and con..
kr. 120.00
Bow Dial Bracket Klokker Plan
Bow Dial Bracket Klokker PlanBeskrivelseA beautiful mantle Klokker. Overall Height of this Klokke..
kr. 114.60
Caravan Klokker Kit - Quartz
Caravan Klokker Kit - QuartzBeskrivelseWe have moved away from the traditional Klokker design and ..
kr. 567.75
Caravan Klokker Plan
Caravan Klokker PlanBeskrivelseWe have moved away from the traditional Klokker design and this mod..
kr. 35.25
Chalet Dukkehus Fittings Kit
Chalet Dukkehus Fittings KitBeskrivelseThis attractive Chalet-type Doll's House has an opening roo..
kr. 311.25
Connecticut Mirror Klokker Plan
Connecticut Mirror Klokker PlanBeskrivelseDesigned like the original made in the 18th century. Ove..
kr. 114.60
ConservatoryBeskrivelseOriginating from customers' requests, pre-launch research indicates a poten..
kr. 95.25
DogBeskrivelseDog to suit plan 1579P. One is already included in Lamp Post Klokker Kit. Colour N/..
kr. 56.25
Dover Wall Klokker Plan
Dover Wall Klokker PlanBeskrivelseThe mellow, brown finish of this pine Klokker qualifies it for a..
kr. 114.60
Fitting Set Swift
Fitting Set SwiftBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour N/A Outside Diameter N/..
kr. 848.70
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