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ConservatoryBeskrivelseOriginating from customers' requests, pre-launch research indicates a poten..
kr. 95.25
Shop A (Right)
Shop A (Right)BeskrivelseAccessed via the open back. Two rooms (1 up, 1 down), novel bow windows t..
kr. 47.25
Shop B (Left)
Shop B (Left)BeskrivelseAccessed via the open back. Two rooms (1 up, 1 down), novel 1-piece bow wi..
kr. 47.25
Shop C (Centre)
Shop C (Centre)BeskrivelseDouble fronted corner shop. The upper right and lower left panels are hi..
kr. 51.75
Thatched Cottage
Thatched CottageBeskrivelseThis quaint thatched cottage has 4 rooms, a central staircase and chara..
kr. 95.25
Toy Shop
Toy ShopBeskrivelseA simple design and easily-built shop. The roof lifts off and the back hinges d..
kr. 47.25
Toy Shop Fittings Kit
Toy Shop Fittings KitBeskrivelseProduct description needs to be entered Colour No Outside Diameter..
kr. 221.25
Victorian Dollshouse
Victorian DollshouseBeskrivelseThis three storey house has a lift off front, path and staircase se..
kr. 74.25
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