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1:12 SE. Plastic Shelled Movement
1:12 SE. Plastic Shelled MovementBeskrivelseSize 50 x 48 x 24 (mm). Movement is key wound and can ..
kr. 59.25
Battery Powered 1:18 Movement
Battery Powered 1:18 MovementBeskrivelse18-note musical movement driven by a compact electric moto..
kr. 153.75
Gold Plated 1:30 Movement
Gold Plated 1:30 MovementBeskrivelseMeasures 71 x 57 x 26mm. Plays 8??mins once wound. You??l be a..
kr. 1,185.00
Hand Turned 1:18 Movement
Hand Turned 1:18 MovementBeskrivelseSize 48 x 42 x 39 (mm). Movement can be turned either way. Sui..
kr. 89.25
Orpheus 2:50 Movement
Orpheus 2:50 MovementBeskrivelseMovement fitted with type A break suitable for boxes with movement..
kr. 3,825.00
Orpheus 3:50 Movement
Orpheus 3:50 MovementBeskrivelseMovement is fitted with 'A' type brake, suitable for boxes with mo..
kr. 4,170.00
Romance 1:18 Mini Movement
Romance 1:18 Mini MovementBeskrivelseSwiss made miniature movement Colour No Outside Diameter No W..
kr. 543.75
Romance 1:18 Movement With Pull String
Romance 1:18 Movement With Pull StringBeskrivelseMovement is wound by pulling the string and has a..
kr. 187.50
Sankyo 1:18 Ballerina Movement
Sankyo 1:18 Ballerina MovementBeskrivelseThe doll stops music when in folded down position and is ..
kr. 119.85
Sankyo 1:18 Movement With Action Accessory Hole
Sankyo 1:18 Movement With Action Accessory HoleBeskrivelseSize: L54mm x W48mm x H27mm. Supplied in..
kr. 77.25
Sankyo 1:18 Movement With Pull Cord
Sankyo 1:18 Movement With Pull CordBeskrivelseSize: L58mm x W56mm x H36mm. Supplied in white plast..
kr. 89.85
Sankyo 1:18B Movement With Wire Brake
Sankyo 1:18B Movement With Wire BrakeBeskrivelsesupplied with no shell and fitted with wire brake ..
kr. 88.95
Sankyo 1:18T Coin Operated Movement
Sankyo 1:18T Coin Operated MovementBeskrivelseSize L53 x W60 x H25mm. Easily activated for money b..
kr. 91.50
The Mighty Mini 1:18 Movement
The Mighty Mini 1:18 MovementBeskrivelse18-note miniature musical movement in a white plastic shel..
kr. 104.25
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