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Ali Dial Brass Finish
Ali Dial Brass FinishBeskrivelseThis dial will add appearance of fine quality to any Wall or gran..
kr. 937.20
Brass Chapter Ring
Brass Chapter Ring Beskrivelse ..
kr. 131.25
Brass Chapter Ring
Brass Chapter RingBeskrivelseSize: 160mm diameter. Uses 70mm hands. Also available in 130mm size p..
kr. 131.25
Brass Coloured Dial
Brass Coloured DialBeskrivelseFor a low priced 200mm dial, this aluminium dial, finished in brushe..
kr. 282.75
Brass Dial - 5
Brass Dial - 5"BeskrivelseSize: 130mm diameter. Uses 60mm hands. Also available in 160mm size CD6..
kr. 126.00
Brass Dial - 6
Brass Dial - 6"BeskrivelseSize: 160mm diameter. Uses 70mm hands. Also available in 130mm sizeCD5B..
kr. 142.50
Glass Bezel - 130Mm
Glass Bezel - 130MmBeskrivelseWith diamond polished surround. Hinged opening type. Size: 130mm di..
kr. 225.15
Grandmother Bow Dial
Grandmother Bow DialBeskrivelseSilver Brass Dial as shown with selector slot for movement and back..
kr. 1,739.25
Grandmother Dial - Brass
Grandmother Dial - BrassBeskrivelsePolished anodised 250mm Square Dial. The classic grandmother di..
kr. 1,349.25
Moving Moon Dial
Moving Moon DialBeskrivelseGold anodised aluminium dial complete with special back plate to fit [p..
kr. 1,709.25
Printed Klokker Dial
Printed Klokker DialBeskrivelseGold/White Size: 115mm diameter. Hand size: 45 or 50mm. Also avail..
kr. 27.00
Printed Klokker Dial
Printed Klokker DialBeskrivelseBlack/Cream/Gold. Size: 147mm diameter. Hand size: 68mm. While sto..
kr. 24.00
Printed Klokker Dial - Gold/Black
Printed Klokker Dial - Gold/BlackBeskrivelseGold, Black Numerals. Size: 150mm diameter. Hand size:..
kr. 36.00
Printed Klokker Face
Printed Klokker FaceBeskrivelseGold/White Size: 62mm diameter.with 10mm centre hole Hand size: 26m..
kr. 23.25
Silver Brass Dial
Silver Brass DialBeskrivelseExcellent for mantel & Wall Klokker, this dial is made from brassed a..
kr. 588.75
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