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Brougham Plan 1/8th Scale
Brougham Plan 1/8th ScaleBeskrivelseThe Brougham was the most popular of the closed carriages in t..
kr. 115.50
Canoe Landau Plan 1/8th Scale
Canoe Landau Plan 1/8th ScaleBeskrivelseIt is a light one-horse landau of the elegant canoe shape,..
kr. 116.25
Curricle Plan 1/12th Scale
Curricle Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThe Curricle was driven with two horses abreast, an arrangeme..
kr. 82.50
Deep Cab Buggy Plan 1/12th Scale
Deep Cab Buggy Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThis unusual vehicle has a removable dickey seat, whils..
kr. 51.00
Dennett Gig Plan 1/12th Scale
Dennett Gig Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseA lighter Gig than the Stanhope, and one that is said to b..
kr. 65.25
Hearse Plan 1/12th Scale
Hearse Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThe ornate decoration is well detailed on this design from a tr..
kr. 90.00
Large Wagonette Plan 1/12th Scale
Large Wagonette Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThis wagonette has some distinctive continental featur..
kr. 97.50
Old Times Gig Plan 1/8th Scale
Old Times Gig Plan 1/8th ScaleBeskrivelseThe Gig is classified as a two wheel, two seater vehicle ..
kr. 90.00
Pair Horse Char-A-Banc Plan 1/12th Scale
Pair Horse Char-A-Banc Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseAn angular outline gives a distinctive characte..
kr. 65.25
Pony Trap Plan 1/12th Scale
Pony Trap Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThis plan is of a simple trap, suitable for driving with a p..
kr. 51.00
Spider Phaeton Plan 1/8th Scale
Spider Phaeton Plan 1/8th ScaleBeskrivelseAn early 19th century carriage which has been restored f..
kr. 63.00
Stanhope Gig Plan 1/12th Scale
Stanhope Gig Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThis version has the traditional Stanhope body style, and..
kr. 49.50
Stanhope Wagonette Plan 1/12th Scale
Stanhope Wagonette Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseAn attractive and practical carriage with ample spa..
kr. 49.50
The Victoria Plan 1/12th Scale
The Victoria Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThe Victoria was a favourite open carriage with the fashi..
kr. 51.00
Wagonette With Omnibus Hood Plan 1/12th Scale
Wagonette With Omnibus Hood Plan 1/12th ScaleBeskrivelseThe addition of a hood resulted in a very ..
kr. 65.25
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