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CandyformBeskrivelseCandyform is a Silicon-RTV casting material for making flexible moulds which a..
kr. 708.75
Emulsion Wax Separating Agent
Emulsion Wax Separating AgentBeskrivelseThis separating agent is solvent-free. It consists of wax ..
kr. 47.25
Flexible Mixing Bowl
Flexible Mixing BowlBeskrivelseIdeal for mixing ceramic moulding compounds. Colour N/A Outside Dia..
kr. 19.50
Flow Talcum (Form Powder)
Flow Talcum (Form Powder)BeskrivelseApply a thin coat of Flow Talcum to moulds made of silicon rub..
kr. 27.60
FrameBeskrivelseSize: 190 x 240mm. Colour No Outside Diameter No Wall No Internal Diameter No Thic..
kr. 59.85
LettersBeskrivelseSize: 50mm Colour No Outside Diameter No Wall No Internal Diameter No Thickness ..
kr. 86.25
Make-A-MouldBeskrivelseLatex moulding compound. This product is suited for making moulds from figu..
kr. 193.50
Mould Separating Spray (with teflon)
Mould Separating Spray (with teflon)BeskrivelseIn order to cast valuable and colour-sensitive orig..
kr. 106.65
Mould Separating Wax
Mould Separating WaxBeskrivelseApply a thin coat of this creamy form separating wax to the origina..
kr. 47.25
Resin Mixing Cup
Resin Mixing CupBeskrivelse250ml Resin Mixing Cup. Colour No Outside Diameter No Wall No Internal ..
kr. 11.10
Silicon Glue
Silicon GlueBeskrivelseGlue torn or damaged silicon moulds with this special glue. Remove any grea..
kr. 149.70
Silicon Mould Separating Cream
Silicon Mould Separating CreamBeskrivelseWhen crafting multiple-part silicon moulds you must keep ..
kr. 44.55
Silicon Remover
Silicon RemoverBeskrivelseWork Verktoy such as paint brushes etc get covered with silicon as you w..
kr. 43.20
Silicon Vent
Silicon VentBeskrivelseTo cast particularly delicate carved and complicated models the silicon mus..
kr. 47.25
Silicone Rubber
Silicone RubberBeskrivelseSilicone rubber with high elasticity & tear resistance, to be kneaded. T..
kr. 159.75
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