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Japanese Bridge
Japanese BridgeBeskrivelseThese kits mark a new development in the world of matchmodelling.Gone ar..
kr. 194.25
Mary Rose
Mary RoseBeskrivelseMatchbuilding is an absorbing hobby made easy by the use of preformed shapes,y..
kr. 167.25
Matchbuilder - Express Loco & Tender
Matchbuilder - Express Loco & TenderBeskrivelseThis Western Region 4 cylinder loco was a fine exam..
kr. 179.25
Matchbuilder 1920's Omnibus
Matchbuilder 1920's OmnibusBeskrivelseA delightful reminder of the 1920's public transport. This d..
kr. 179.25
Matchbuilder- Tram Kit
Matchbuilder- Tram KitBeskrivelseThis particular Tram Car journeyed between Ealing and Hammersmith..
kr. 179.25
Matchbuilder-Dennis Lorry Gun & Limber
Matchbuilder-Dennis Lorry Gun & LimberBeskrivelse1914-1918 Dennis Lorry with Gun & Limber. This D..
kr. 179.25
Matchbuilder-Fire Engine
Matchbuilder-Fire EngineBeskrivelseA vehicle which has always had an appeal, this model was typica..
kr. 179.25
Matchbuilder-Hispano Suiza
Matchbuilder-Hispano SuizaBeskrivelsePowered by a 6 cylinder overhead camshaft engine, this model ..
kr. 179.25
Matchbuilder-Milk Float
Matchbuilder-Milk FloatBeskrivelseThe name 'Float' was given to a range of low carts with a cranke..
kr. 208.50
Matchbuilder-Traction Engine
Matchbuilder-Traction EngineBeskrivelseThis Fairground Tractor was a means of supplying lighting a..
kr. 179.25
Matchcraft- Drum & Guitar Plan
Matchcraft- Drum & Guitar PlanBeskrivelseComprises 4 piece drum set and guitar. Finish in clear va..
kr. 26.25
Matchmaker- Chinese Junk
Matchmaker- Chinese JunkBeskrivelseMatchbuilding is an absorbing hobby made easy by the use of pre..
kr. 156.00
Matchmaker- Loco Kit
Matchmaker- Loco KitBeskrivelseMatchbuilding is an absorbing hobby made easy by the use of preform..
kr. 156.00
Micro Beam Cutter & Tweezers
Micro Beam Cutter & TweezersBeskrivelseCutter & tweezer for use with all Fyrstikk Arkitektur kits ..
kr. 83.25
Microbeams - Bag Of Approx 1050
Microbeams - Bag Of Approx 1050BeskrivelsePolybag of approx 1050 microbeams (Matches) Colour N/A O..
kr. 119.25
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