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Estes 220 Swift
Estes 220 SwiftBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 This tiny model rocket stands only 4.5 inches tall; but, i..
kr. 46.10
Estes 24
Estes 24" Parachute - NylonBeskrivelse..
kr. 90.90
Estes 29mm Motor Retainer
Estes 29mm Motor RetainerBeskrivelse29mm Motor Retainer...
kr. 62.90
Estes 3/16
Estes 3/16" Two-Piece Maxi Launch RodBeskrivelseLaunch rod with extra strength and stiffness for l..
kr. 61.50
Estes 6 inch parachute
Estes 6 inch parachuteBeskrivelse..
kr. 12.50
Estes Air Commander
Estes Air CommanderBeskrivelseSkill Level 2 Features: This rocket can reach altitudes of up to 225..
kr. 188.90
Estes Alien Invader (Classic Series)
Estes Alien Invader (Classic Series)BeskrivelseSkill Level 2 The Alien Invader has a durable plast..
kr. 152.50
Estes Alpha
Estes AlphaBeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Alpha is a popular first choice for rocket enthusiasts. Th..
kr. 104.90
Estes Alpha (12 Pack)
Estes Alpha (12 Pack)BeskrivelseSkill Level 1 The Alpha is a great starter kit. It is easy to buil..
kr. 762.90
Estes Alpha III
Estes Alpha IIIBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X The very first Estes almost-ready-to-fly rocket! One-pie..
kr. 139.90
Estes Alpha III Launch Set
Estes Alpha III Launch SetBeskrivelseSkill Level E2X This rocket kit features a simple-to-assemble..
kr. 229.50
Estes AltiTrak Altitude Tracker
Estes AltiTrak Altitude TrackerBeskrivelseHow high did it really go? Next time, measure it with th..
kr. 153.90
Estes Argent
Estes ArgentBeskrivelseSkill Level 4 Features: 24 inch Nylon Parachute Recovery Laser cut plywood ..
kr. 489.90
Estes Assortment - Alpha, Viking, Yankee, Wizard (3 each)
Estes Assortment - Alpha, Viking, Yankee, Wizard (3 each)BeskrivelseENTIRE PACKAGE IS SKILL LEVEL ..
kr. 679.70
Estes Asteroid Hunter
Estes Asteroid HunterBeskrivelseSkill Level 4 Features: Dual 12 inch Parachute Recovery Laser cut ..
kr. 209.90
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