Dornier DO335

Dornier DO335
Produktkode: H-UK-WW01
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Dornier DO335

Choosing subjects that are out of the 'norm' are just a challenge for us! The Dornier 335 was an amazing aircraft for its time and had a stunning turn of speed, almost as fast as the jets! Twin engine, rubber-powered models are notoriously hard to fly, but by choosing the West Wings Dornier 335, you can have a twin with no vices. Having both motors in line prevents asymmetric thrust problems and with each propeller rotating in opposition there are no 'torque' turning worries either. In fact, it's hard to envisage a more optimum power installation. The kit is supplied with two plastic propellers, but you can make your own 3-bladers from the supplied Komponenter. This is very easy to do and highly satisfying. The kit requires all formers to be cut from pre-printed sheets and as such, a little care and finesse is necessary. The fuselage 'shell' halves are then built up over the plan before being joined together at the end. Like all similar structures, the strength is derived from the tissue covering. Wings are conventional and each is built over the plan before 'butt' joining to the fuselage. Scale refinements such as exhaust stacks, carburettor scoops and the undercarriage are detailed on the plan, and a set of waterslide decals are provided for that finishing touch. At just over 640mm (25") span, it may seem a small model but she's actually quite big thanks to that enormous fuselage. Flight stability comes from the power system, good wing section, wing dihedral and the substantial fin area. This really is a fabulous performer!! Try something really different with the West Wings Dornier Do335. Colour N/A Outside Diameter N/A Wall N/A Internal Diameter N/A Thickness N/A Width N/A Length N/A Height N/A Scale N/A Pack N/A

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